Welcome, friends!

Well, hello there! Welcome to the Style + Spirit blog!

My mission for this space is to create a community centered around bettering ourselves, peeling back the layers, and deepening our awareness, consciousness, and spirituality.  It's really just about getting to the essence of who we truly are and connecting to that place as often as possible. 

I often write about spirituality, real life, or things I'm learning over on my personal blog, Natalie Dressed. I'll continue to do that, but once I week, I'll also be here, diving deeper. My hope is that I can help guide you into your own spiritual practice of awareness and mindfulness as I work on my own.

I want to introduce you to things you already have experience with, but may not be consciously aware of. Things like your ego, your pain body, attachments you have, or roles you may be playing. Things we all experience and go through as humans. I also want to help you clear blocks and overcome limiting beliefs so you can listen to your intuition, which is likely giving you little tugs and whispers to follow your dreams. I want you to know that when we overcome the self-doubt and fear, anything is possible. 

In addition to the deep stuff, I'll also occasionally be sharing things about the brand. Think behind-the-scenes happenings, meanings behind the messages, updates on what's new, and possibly even requests for your input on the designs you want to see!

My goal is to serve you and inspire you not only through the products I sell, but also through the free content I produce here and on social media. You can Like our page on Facebook if you'd like to see updates in your feed, but be sure to Follow on Instagram at @style_and_spirit as most of the action happens there. For strictly visual inspiration, you can follow us on Tumblr and follow the Style + Spirit Pinterest board and/or my personal Pinterest page.

If the word "spirituality" is knocking you off kilter and you're not really sure how you feel about it, I encourage you stick around for next week's post where I'll be discussing what spirituality means to me and how it's already part of your life.

I always love and appreciate your feedback so if you ever have thoughts on a topic you wish to share privately, ideas for a new design or content you'd like to see here, or any kind of question, feel free to reach out to me at natalie@style-and-spirit.com.

Can't wait to kick things off next week! In the meantime, I'm giving away a bundle of all our products on the Style + Spirit Instagram page so hop over to enter for a chance to win a High Vibe Livin tee, a Positivity tee, and a Be Cool Be Kind sweatshirt!