Horizon – T101 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness is a fitness equipment manufacturing company. It specialises in budget-friendly sport equipment for entry-level enthusiasts who are just starting out. It released a top-of-the-line model of treadmill that has been garnering some attention among beginners. The T101 costs about 600 USD or 48, 000 INR. This is one of the best-selling reebok treadmill models of this range. It is most suited for those who prefer light walking and those who prefer moderate levels of exercise. It is a machine with a compact, foldable design that also looks sleek and stylish. It is easy to store as it doesn’t not take up too much space. Horizon T101 Treadmill model also has a great warranty offer. And it also has features such as a Bluetooth speaker system – unlike many other Treadmill models in the same price range. This means you can also listen to your music while you work out on the treadmill.

And even though this is the company’s bestselling and most popular model, it also has other options such as the Adventure 3, Elite T5, the Elite T7-02 and the Elite T9-02. These models are also more sophisticated and have greater features. But the Horizon T101 Treadmill model still remains the best option for those entry-level enthusiast looking for a machine that does not hurt the wallet or break the bank.

The Horizon T101 Treadmill Review :-

The Horizon T101 Treadmill model has several great features. It has the most comprehensive feature list among Treadmill models of the same price range. The features are as enlisted below:

  1. Price: It fits within most people’s budgets. Although it was initially launched at the price of 999 USD or 80,000 INR, it is now sold for much less than that. This model is available online for the price of about 600 USD or 48, 000 INR. That is quite the fall in price, if you ask me. Thus, Horizon T101 Treadmill model is an affordable option for many people looking to buy a starter Treadmill.
  2. Warranty: The T101 has a great warranty option for those who purchase it. For its price class, the warranty service is great. It has a lifetime warranty coverage for the machine. This also includes coverage on the frame and the motor. While the warranty on the parts and labour is only 1 year, this is still a much better warranty when compared with the alternatives.
  3. Audio Systems: It has a sleek and state-of-the-art Bluetooth Speaker System. This makes it easy to play podcasts or your music while you work out. It is compatible with all devices that use Bluetooth and also provides a great sound quality. Now, you no longer need to use pesky earphones while you exercise, the treadmill comes with a high-class music system.
  4. Incline: The Horizon T101 Treadmill model also comes with an incline option, unlike many starter treadmills that are available in the market. It can also help make your workout more efficient. Running on an incline can also make you burn more calories in the same amount of distance or time. The Horizon T101 Treadmill model can incline up to a 10Per cent slope. This can come in handy for those training for hikes or treks as well.
  5. Portability: The Horizon T101 Treadmill model has great ratings on the portability scale. It can be folded easily. This is great as other Treadmill models in this same price range are sometimes bulky and not foldable at all. This treadmill model, however, takes up very less storage space as well.

Now that you know all about the best features of the Horizon T101 Treadmill model, it is about time we discussed the specifications of this machine. It has a 2.5 HP (Horse Power) Motor that powers it, which is a standard across this price range and is about as good as it gets. It inclines up to 10Per cent and can function at high speeds even at an incline of this degree. Its running area covers a large surface of 20 inches x 55 inches which is more than enough space required for an individual.

This also means it is compact, and does not take up too much room. It is not bulky at all. It has a top speed of 10 miles per hour, which is actually above the standard at this price range. It also has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, which is very impressive at this price range. It is 70 inches in length, 34 inches wide and 55 inches broad. This means that it is actually compact when compared to other treadmill models in the same price range. It also has 30 built-in running programmes, which is a very wide range. This means it has all the programs required to suit a diverse range of needs. Your routine can be tailored to your specifications for optimum results.

In conclusion, the Horizon T101 Treadmill model is perfect for individuals who are at the start of their fitness journey. This best suited for light to moderate workouts and can even incorporate an incline. For best results, use for at least half-an hour daily at a 2 per cent incline. The Bluetooth feature is a great addition. The warranty is of the highest quality and is also great at this price range. It is one of the best budget walking treadmills for beginners in the market today.


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