Exercising during the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Workouts for Every Trimester

The period when a mother is still carrying a child is delicate. It surely brings joy and happiness into the life of the mother. However, this period may also mark a change in the body of the mother. With having to increase more food to get the right nutrients for the baby, the body also starts to accumulate more calories and more weight. Therefore, many mothers prefer to exercise during the pregnancy period while they can.

Pregnancy Workouts for Every Trimester

While exercising, it is important to take precautions so that mothers do not find themselves in any harm. Mothers should go for low-impact exercises and not intense workouts. However walking, jogging, running, squats, Pilates, and yoga can be done in the first trimester.

Mothers must be aware of their bodies while doing their exercises. Being conscious of one’s capacity is very important so that one does not overdo themselves. Going to a doctor and discussing which exercises would be beneficial would also be an important factor in staying well aware of your own body.

However, making an effort to exercise is also a great achievement by carrying women as they would know well that it is not easy to move flexibly during that time. So there should also be some sort of appreciation for mothers everywhere who take the effort and stay fit.

Now to start an exercise routine may be difficult if the mother does not exercise regularly, but that is completely fine. You can start as said before with low-intensity exercises that go on for about 30 minutes with 3-5 times a week. Now let’s get to some specific exercises you can do during your first trimester of pregnancy:


Walking is a good, effective, and inexpensive exercise that can help you both lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system’s health. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as you burn the calories it has to do with several different factors, including your weight, pace, terrain, and more. However, walking does burn and help your fitness overall. It is considered as a great way to burn calories that do not need much effort by many.

Jogging and Running

If you’ve never done running exercises or been a runner, do consider other pregnancy exercises. However it is very unlikely that jogging in your first trimester will cause a pregnancy problem, you will however need to give it up in the next several months eventually, but there are many other ways to get a healthy workout without jogging or running. If you were doing running exercises or were a runner before pregnancy, you can probably follow your safe running and jogging routines in your first trimester. But do take precautions so as not to fall or slip depending on the terrain you are running or jogging.


You can do Squats during the first trimester without much problem. However, make sure that you take precautions that you do not go very low while going down. The pressure would apply to the legs of course, however, if you feel any pain in your stomach area while during the exercise, you should stop immediately. Try to not push the pressure too much on your legs as well.


Pilates can help your body to address two of the challenges you will face during pregnancy: that is balance and lower back pain. Pilates builds the core muscles through a series of equipment and floor exercises so having a proper floor space should be considered before the exercise. Your first sessions will focus on building your strength and later sessions may challenge your strength with your balance. You should avoid poses where you lie on your back and any twisting of your midsection. It is heavily advised that you be conscious of your body while doing Pilates.

Exercising in the First Trimester: How to Do It Safely


This is one of the best exercises to focus on yourself during pregnancy and for the rest of your life as well. It builds strength and balance, it keeps muscles limber, it reduces blood pressure, and it also teaches you breathing rhythms that will help during a delivery. If you already practice yoga, your pregnancy routine would be comfortable. However, even if you are new to this exercise, encourage yourself to take a step towards this, as it will help your body efficiently. However, taking precautions is also important during any exercise so here are several things to avoid during Yoga

  • Avoid backbends,
  • Avoid poses that twist your stomach
  • Avoid Lying on your back
  • Avoid headstands and such positions that require you to put your feet over your head
  • Avoid “Bikram” or Hot Yoga

These are some exercises for you to take part in the first trimester of pregnancy that intends to increase your fitness and your health. We hope you have a productive and effective exercise routine keeping in mind that you are conscious of your body’s capability.

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