The Sole F63 is another heavenly release from the consistently great SOLE line of wellness hardware. The most moderate collapsing treadmill in a top of the line assortment by Sole, the F63 is produced using great parts that are strong and dependable. It’s a moderate machine that doesn’t forfeit quality or experience to hit that value point, despite everything offering a perspiration dribbling running or strolling experience. The F63 is conservative and has a foldable alternative for simple stockpiling. This treadmill is reasonable and very easy to understand, making it an ideal choice for somebody constructing their first home rec center.

Specs that settle on the F63 such a solid decision for sprinters incorporate a strong 3.0 CHP engine, a 60″ track, a 12 mph top speed, and a business deck with astounding stun retention.


  • Durable yet foldable edge
  • 3.0 CHP engine
  • 20″ x 60″ track
  • CushionFlex Deck to diminish sway on joints
  • Up to 15% incline
  • Bluetooth good for SOLE App, FitBit, and MyFitness Pal
  • Secure tablet holder
  • Remote pulse recipient
  • Contact beat sensors
  • Individual cooling fans
  • Reasonable value point
  • 10 diverse exercise programs
  • Double water bottle holders
  • Can hold up to 325lbs in weight
  • Minimized structure and simple to move around the home
  • Incorporated tablet holder
  • Bluetooth sound speakers
  • USB charging port


  • Straightforward capacities, no genuine coaches or intelligent presentations
  • Slow increasing speed contrasted with different models
  • Short side rails

The Sole F63 treadmill is a budget-friendly machine. It’s similarly as tough as non-collapsing treadmills and offers an amazing encounter that couple of different brands can coordinate at this value point.

The most current variant of the F63 expands upon this current model’s previous accomplishment with all the more strategically placed speed and slope controls, an improved support screen, and upgrades for incorporating remote tech.

Workout Programs:

The F63, similar to all treadmills in the Sole assortment, has a 10-item program menu. Six of the projects are preset exercises that control the treadmill’s speed and slope to concentrate particularly on cardio perseverance, calorie consume, or muscle conditioning. Two extra projects use pulse information to control the treadmill’s test level, keeping the client inside a foreordained pulse zone. The last two openings are for client planned projects modified to meet your requirements.

The Sole F63 has a foldable casing. The collapsing is practiced with pressure driven help, so the machine does the majority of the work.

Sole F63 features:

Amusement is carried out through Bluetooth sound speakers. There is additionally a rack accessible to safely bolster a tablet PC. The Sole Fitness App lets a tablet PC fill in as an auxiliary program screen. It can gather practice details out of sight, while students watch Netflix or utilize different applications during exercises. The Sole Fitness App would then be able to match up with the client’s favored wellness application for keeping all activity information in one spot. Too, the Sole F63 additionally incorporates a USB charging port for your gadgets.

Mechanized slope underpins superb conditioning. It has 30 settings into equal parts percent increases running up to a 15% grade. Controls are gotten to both on the handlebars and the support.

For pulse checking, contact beat screens are inherent and Sole treadmills are perfect with remote chest ties. Two of the F63’s preset exercises are constrained by pulse.

Sole’s CushionFlex Deck can lessen joint effect by up to 40% when contrasted and open air running ways.

This treadmill additionally offers individual cooling fans, two container holders, and an embellishment plate.

Guarantee period

The Sole F63 guarantee incorporates:

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Parts and Electronics: 3 Years
  • Labor: 1 Year

Merchandise exchange: Sole Fitness cardio mentors are sold with 30-day unconditional promises.

Final Word for Sole F63:

The Sole F63 may be basic, yet that is actually what will make it perfect for most clients. SOLE constructed this treadmill for new athletes and won’t overpower them with convoluted capacities. The F63 takes care of business through various exercise alternatives, slant abilities, pulse observing, and a padded belt. It’s a noteworthy entry level machine with an exceptionally enticing value point.

The Sole brand never neglects to give solid and tough machines that assist clients with arriving at their wellness objectives. Clients can keep tabs on their development through the machine or by interfacing their applications by means of Bluetooth so they can screen their beginnings in any event, when they aren’t utilizing the treadmill. The Sole F63 is strongly suggested for novices and those looking for a club-quality treadmill that won’t use up every last cent.


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